Critter & Home Sitter
Critter & Home Sitter

Relaxing In The Garden

Garden Pug

I enjoy seeing the pups in a relaxing atmosphere either at your own home or in my garden. I have three outdoor kennels, a large fenced yard and indoor crates for the evening sleep or feeding time. In the evenings before bedtime, my regular guests have the run of the house. They enjoy watching TV, playing or are in and out the doggy doors.

My Background

After 48 years of critter related jobs, I am semi retired and working part time at Firehouse Pet Shop. I enjoy it immensely. I have had over 40 years as a Veterinary Technician, Animal Control Officer, trainer and behaviorist and now can begin to enjoy my experience sharing with others. I am certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.

Meet the Team

A little introduction to the Dogwood Inn Team.



Recreational & Activities Director

Ollie is a natural at his job. He is always encouraging residents to enjoy their surroundings and will welcome play but is not put out if they don’t wish to participate.


Garden Director

Lulu is our Garden Director and assists me in finding poop to pickup. She has also assumed the role of Mom with young pups.


Comfort Director & Fun Police

Sadie is a senior now and does a great job of tattling on the others; checking on sleep accommodations and general comfort of out guests.


Pearl is in charge of ALL things food! Pearl is very punctual and is quite efficient at advising everyone when it is Breakfast or Dinner Time. She has also deemed a Treat Time whenever she thinks that the guests may be wanting.


Gizmo is an Emotional Support dog and in charge of Canine Resources. Gizmo will offer the use of Lambchop if needed.